Four key beautician interview questions - and how to nail them

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But how do you prepare for it? We've got that covered - take a look below to see how to tackle four questions you're likely to be asked… You'll be taking on that dream beautician role before you know it!

1: Tell me about yourself.
It's tempting to ramble at this point - after all, where do you start? The important thing to remember is why you're here: to sell your skills as a beautician. So get to the point, and let your interviewer know why you'd be the perfect addition to their salon.  Consider your unique selling points (USPs) as a beautician - perhaps you're great with time management, have a strong work ethic or you're particularly well-practised at styling updos… or all three! Just think of your best qualities, and be specific about how they would make you perfect for the job.

2: Are you a team player?
When it comes to working in a salon, being a team player is essential. Before your interview, think about times in the past when you've demonstrated your ability to work well in a group. Perhaps this was at school if you're just starting out, or in a previous job. If it helps, write a couple of these examples down in a notebook so they stay fresh in your mind.

3: Why are you right for this job/company?
It's important to be able to articulate what it is about a particular job or organisation that you love. So take time to figure out exactly why this is the right job for you - why do your skills and interests make you the right fit?  It's also a good idea to share your hopes for career progression at this particular business - that lets your interviewer know that you've researched them well and are serious about joining them.

4: What are your greatest strengths?
Now's the time to toot your own horn - I know it can feel strange to list your abilities and accomplishments, but if ever there was a time to do it… it's now! But do be careful to be specific - which of your finest attributes make you perfect for this particular role, at this particular salon?  Give them as many good reasons for them to hire you as you can. For example, you may be brilliant at playing piano - but that's not useful to the salon. Pick out traits such as your great work ethic, bubbly personality and drive to succeed in beauty instead.

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