Here's why you're not seeing results from your fitness routine

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We've compiled a nifty checklist to make sure you're giving yourself the best shot at upping your fitness. 

 1: Plan like a pro
Nothing guarantees results more reliably than committing to a well-crafted plan. It might not be very exciting to stick to a structure, but it helps to ensure that you get the right exercise sessions done on a regular basis.  We know it can be hard to do this, because life is busy - that's why we recommend planning your weekly routine at the weekend. Scheduling everything you need to do ahead of time frees you from stress once Monday hits, because you already know you have time to fit everything in. 

2: Shake it up
Your body gets used to exercises pretty quickly, so in order to stop your fitness levels plateauing it's important to switch up your routine. From strength training to cardio, every aspect of your training can benefit from a regular change.  Why not try alternating between using weights as part of a fast-paced circuit routine if you usually use them without incorporating cardio - or if you usually run, try swimming or give a spinning class a go.

3: Take it easy
You'd be surprised what an impact a lack of rest can have on your fitness results. Without proper time set aside to recuperate, you're likely to see a decrease in performance - and even increase your risk of injury. 

We recommend two days of rest every week as a minimum - but if you really feel like you can't take that time away from the gym, try an active recovery day. This can take the form of a relaxed yoga class, or a walk. But, if at all possible, just take regular time out completely. Yes, we are telling you that occasionally lying on the sofa in front of Netflix can be good for your health…

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