9 beauty secrets you need to know - now.

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We get the inside track on the beauty industry's biggest secrets - ready to discover the truth behind your favourite brands and top products?

 1: Anti-aging answers
Anti-aging is much simpler than some brands would have you believe. According to scientific studies, 90% of your skin's premature aging can be prevented by simply wearing sun cream. We love a simple fix! For products that combat existing lines and wrinkles, look out for serums and moisturisers that contain vitamin A derivatives like retinol and retinaldehyde.

2: Same, but different
Did you know that a number of makeup manufacturers make products for both high-end and high-street brands… sometimes with the same formulas? So it's worth checking online reviews before you invest in a pricier product - there could be something that's very similar but with a smaller price tag out there, too. 

3: Top tools
It's all very well having a brilliant cosmetics collection - but half the battle is in how you apply it. For a professional finish, make sure you invest in a collection of high-quality makeup brushes. These will help you to blend makeup evenly for a polished, natural finish. 

4: Eyes on the prize
Sad to see that your favourite mascara is drying out? No stress - simply add a few drops of saline solution. This should bring it back to life for a few more days, giving you time to pop to the shops and stock up. 

5: Soap? Nope.
It turns out that traditional bars of soap are often made of animal fat and salt compounds. These strip your skin of its natural oils and proteins, leaving it dry and flaky. Who knew? Instead, opt for a soap-free cleanser. 

6: Go for gold
A handy way to bring a natural glow to your complexion is to choose a foundation with golden tones. This will neutralise redness and balance out any grey undertones in your skin; this dullness happens as you age, whatever your skin tone. 

7: Look out…
Ever wondered what the difference is between moisturiser and eye cream? Spoiler alert: not a lot. Most of the time, eye cream is simply moisturiser sold in a tiny tub for double the price. 

8: Refresh and renew
Did you know that dermatologists have found that bacterial infections can be caused by unsanitary makeup? To keep bugs at bay, make sure you build washing makeup brushes into your routine - every fortnight should work well. Also, wash your hands before applying makeup to keep your products clean, and throw away your makeup at the recommended intervals. You'll find the recommended use-by time printed on each product, but as a guide: ditch mascara after three months, lipsticks and liquids after between six months and a year, and powder eye shadow and blushes after two years.

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