Six fitness trends for 2018

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Here's what's on the up this year on the fitness front - spoiler alert: have your boxing gloves at the ready...

1: Get connected
More than ever, 2018 is the year that'll be filled with online, interactive gym classes. There's no need to physically go to the gym now, when you can tune into any fitness class you fancy from the comfort of your living room. Leading fitness organisation Les Mills now streams its brilliant workouts, so you can be get your sweat on whenever and wherever you please.

2: Go with the flow
In an era when we're growing increasingly anxious, workouts that also boost wellness are proving increasingly popular. Workouts that help us to enter a 'flow state' - that's a state of intense concentration and absorption in an activity - help us to be more productive in the rest of our day. 

3: It's a lifestyle
No longer just something for fitness fanatics, working out is fast becoming part of a mainstream way of life. Budget gyms are making a wide range of gym classes accessible to more people than ever before; Instagram is packed with fit-spiration; working out is now seen as a social activity and an act of self-care. 2018 sees this fitness mind-set become even more deep-rooted - and we're all for it!

4: We're in this together
Small-group training is growing in popularity as more and more PTs open up their business to offer group workouts. The camaraderie of taking on a fitness class with others can help us to work harder - and enjoy ourselves more, too. 

5: Boxing is back
We're delighted to see that boxing and kickboxing are back on the menu at many gyms. Physically pushing yourself gets your heart pumping and those endorphins flowing - and that can only be a good thing! Whether you grab your gloves for a one-on-one with a PT or join other boxing fans for a high-energy group class, we bet you'll be glad this trend has returned.

6: Brain training
2018 is the year of boosting brain performance through exercise. Specialised programmes that are designed to enhance your focus and memory. Soon, we'll be able to monitor our cognitive function via fitness trackers - pretty amazing, right? 

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