Can beauty therapy double as emotional therapy?

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With waiting lists for counselling on the NHS growing longer and longer, many people find themselves having to wait to get the support they need. 

However, while going private for mental health therapy is beyond many people's budgets, plenty of us can stretch to a manicure, massage or soothing facial treatment. So, when beauty clients find themselves in the 'safe space' of a salon they love, relaxing into a soothing treatment, it's perhaps not surprising that they feel they can let go and talk about whatever's on their mind with their beautician. 

As a beauty therapist, it's a fundamental part of your role to make sure your clients feel welcome and comfortable - so it makes sense that many people find themselves opening up about their problems at the salon. It's a relaxed, familiar environment where there's no pressure to talk, which can be just the thing to help clients feel comfortable enough to share what's worrying them. Plus, what you may not know is that beauty professionals sign a confidentiality agreement when they take on their role, which can help many clients feel more confident opening up to them. 

There are many people who aren't interested in counselling, but still have issues and events they find difficult to overcome alone. And, while talking through problems with friends and family is useful, sometimes speaking to someone who's friendly but detached from our everyday lives can give us the freedom to discuss trickier topics without fear of judgement. This role can be filled by a therapist - or, for those not comfortable with the idea of counselling - a beauty therapist could be just the person to lend an ear and listen impartially to your problems.

Interested in a career move that'll allow you to support people, making them feel good inside and out? A career in beauty could be perfect for you.

If you'd like to find out more about our online beauty course, why not register your interest today. 

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