Six top beauty therapy trends your clients will love

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Check out the trends taking the beauty industry by storm this year - as a beauty therapist, how can you incorporate these into your business?

1: Back to nature
In an era where technology is becoming increasingly advanced, we're drawn back to the charm and calm of all things natural. General awareness of our health and wellness is on the up, and we're all on the lookout for brands that understand our growing love of organic, cruelty-free products. As a business, it's well worth investing in such products to keep clients satisfied - and to help to take care of our planet, too.

2: A desk-less welcome
This might sound strange at first, but removing the front desk from your salon reception can be a great way to engage with clients as soon as they step through the door. Breaking down the barrier between customers and beauty therapists helps to make the salon experience instantly warmer, and stress-free; clients will feel like they're being welcomed into a friend's (very stylish) home. 

3: #selfie
In the age of Instagram, it's important that your salon looks photogenic - this way, happy customers will act as advertisers by snapping pics of themselves at your venue. In fact, many customers decide where they'll go for their next beauty treatment based on the social media accounts they follow; if one of their favourite bloggers posts about a particular salon, they're more likely to try it themselves. 

4: Tailored experiences
Personalising the customer experience is a key way to keep people happy and loyal to your salon. When sending out newsletters and emails to your customer base, be sure to address everyone by name - and try to welcome every client by name as they come into your salon for an appointment, too. It's amazing what a different this makes, in terms of helping customers feel welcome at your venue. 

5: Male grooming
In recent years, male grooming has seen a massive increase in popularity. It's important to help this growing customer segment feel at home at your salon by offering a range of services that suit their needs and interests. Hair care and shaving are a couple of the key categories in male beauty right now - in fact, the number of barber shops has grown by 10% over the last couple of years. 6: Bring in tech From apps and online booking to mobile payment and chat bots (these are interactive programs that are able to answer questions and enable purchases) tech is everywhere when it comes to the beauty therapy industry. Use this trend to your advantage by talking to your customers about which online services are most useful to them, and providing these wherever possible.

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