Six ways to simplify completing your fitness instructor course

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Home learning can come with its difficulties - structuring your time, for example, or avoiding distractions. We've put together a list of tips and tricks to help you with successful solo studying:

1: Ask for help
It can be useful to let a group of friends and family members know about the studying challenge you've set yourself, so there are plenty of people to call on if you find yourself struggling. Naturally, there will always be days when you're feeling demotivated or bored - these are the times to get in touch with your support network. As well as talking through problems with friends, it's useful to have trusted tutors you can call or email to discuss any confusions or problems that arise. 

2: Make space to study
To get yourself in the mindset to learn, it's useful to clear a space to work in a quiet corner of your home. Try to remove any distractions from the area - like your phone, tablet or TV - and let others know that you're working for the next few hours, so they don't accidentally distract you. 

3: Factor in time off
Though it might seem important to study as much as possible before a big test or hand-in, time off should be factored in as an important part of your schedule. This is because the longer you work without a break, the more likely you are to procrastinate - plus, as you get increasingly tired, your brain becomes slower and less receptive to retaining information. So: much better to rest and return to work later feeling energised, than to sit at your desk feeling guilty that you aren't being as productive as you'd like to be.

4: Organisation is key
Before you get stuck into your study session, lay out your goals for the day. What do you need to achieve - and are these aims realistic? Make sure you've got all your study aids, stationary and any online course log-in details at the ready, so you can get stuck into your work without distraction or confusion.

5: Reward good work
Been studying hard? Treat yourself. You're putting lots of effort into creating an exciting career change for yourself, so there's no reason not to reward yourself when you're doing well. Plan ahead of time what you'll do once a certain amount of work has been finished - this will help to keep going, and feel proud of yourself for what you're achieving. 6: Focus on your goal On the days where you'd rather be doing anything but studying, and your friends and family are out enjoying themselves while you're stuck at home with your books, take time to think about your goals. It should give you a motivating boost to think about how fulfilling it'll be to have completed your studies and be embarking on a fulfilling career you love. 

For more on how to study successfully, and how to find a course that suits you, get in touch today.


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