Apprenticeship Distinction Awarded to Johanna Bajon

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Through Dimensions’ partnership with Lifetime Training and Innovate Awarding, we have seen a number of staff members complete their apprenticeship training and End-point Assessments which is a newly structured qualification assessment.

The End-point Assessment comprises of a professional discussion and multiple choice exam which results in either a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Johanna has proudly achieved a distinction for her Adult Care Worker Level 2.

Johanna’s End-point Assessor, Richard Cresswell from Innovate Awarding, reached out to Johanna’s trainer, Monika, to praise her success and hard work.

We caught up with Johanna to understand how this training has added value to her work with Dimensions.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Every day is different and people’s moods change day to day. Even now there is still something new that makes every day exciting. The best feeling is knowing once I leave, the person who I am supporting has had a great day and they’re happy.

Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship?

I completed all of the mandatory training to get me ready for my role. But it wasn’t until I started the apprenticeship that my knowledge increased which made me more confident. With the apprenticeship I learned much more about my current responsibilities.

What have your learner in the apprenticeship that has benefited your role and responsibilities?

Most of the things I learned in the apprenticeship I already put into practice in my role. However, I learned so much more and I feel it will be applicable in other types of care environments due to the apprenticeship covering a more generalised “Adults with Learning Disabilities”. Also, I gained further understanding of certain protocol which was really interesting.

"Johanna gained a Distinction in her Apprenticeship Adult Care Level 2 Professional Discussion and it was obvious from the outset that she came to the assessments well prepared. She gave very good examples of her working practice throughout the discussion modules” - Richard Cresswell, End-point Assessor at Innovate Awarding

What did you most enjoy about your apprenticeship?

I was able to use examples of my day-to-day activities within the apprenticeship answers and due to this has made me reflect on what I do. It also links to what I do so well that it adds value to my everyday responsibilities. When it came to completing the End-point Assessment, I felt confident that I knew exactly how to structure the discussion.

What support did Lifetime offer?

The fuse website was really helpful for researching and getting more information for each subject. My trainer, Monika, was always ready to answer my questions and was flexible to my workload.

What activities did you do to prepare for the End-point Assessment?

I completed a mock assessment which prepared me for the professional discussion. I got lots of detail about my role and planned how I would present it in the best way. I wrote down plenty of examples from my role and experiences, working for Dimensions.

How did you feel when you received your result?

Very pleased! I felt so relieved when I got the result, to know I did so well!

What advice would you give someone thinking about an apprenticeship?

Embrace it! At first, I was unsure due to leaving university the year before and only just starting a new job. But I found that it was really worth it because once you finish, you realise it is such a big achievement!

"Johanna was focused and motivated throughout, maintaining targets with very effective communication at all stages. Congratulations Johanna, you have achieved it because of your hard work and commitment to your role! I am proud of your achievement.” - Monika Tkocz-Huck, Lifetime Regional Trainer


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