Meet Iceland apprentice, Ismail Mahmood

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How long have you been working at Iceland and why did you start?
I have worked at The Food Warehouse (Iceland) since September 2018. The reason I started working for The Food Warehouse was mainly down to the expediential growth of the business, the massive opportunities to learn and progress within the growing business, and finally to develop myself more as an individual, both as a person and with my retail management knowledge.

What apprenticeship are you studying?
I have just completed the Retail Team Leader Level 3, and have been signed off as a full time Deputy Store Manager.

Have you completed any apprenticeships or training courses before?
No, I have not completed any apprenticeships or training courses.

What are you most looking forward to about the apprenticeship/training/completing?
I am looking forward to the next step within my retail career. Using the skills I have learnt and gained from my time on the apprentice scheme and implementing and using them within my daily activities.

What has surprised you most about the apprenticeship so far?
All the different behaviours, approaches and skills that are available to use and implement within my day. Also the fact that the course itself has a lot of support available from both the trainer, and online.

What have you enjoyed? (Progression? Responsibility? Fuse?)
I enjoyed the discussions with my trainer as these were very insightful, and allowed me to gain another person’s opinion on different scenarios. The opportunity to use and implement my learnings into my daily routine. The progression at the end of the course. All the different reading materials.

How will it help you get on in work and with your professional development?
It has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and has helped me to become a better manager, helping me to restructure and recreate my PDP into a more relevant and suitable structure. This is something the apprenticeship has helped to identify.

What do you enjoy most about working at Iceland?
The flexibility within the role. The family feel and approach. The opportunity to learn, share, progress and develop.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship route over others?
The apprenticeship gave an opportunity to develop myself as an individual and appealed to me as it provided me a route to become a better manager with better behaviours and more knowledge and skills.

What’s the best thing you have learned and how has this helped you in your job role?
Not everyone is the same; each individual is different so therefore each approach to each individual will be different so it best suits the individual so they feel welcome, comfortable and happy.

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