Fitness Apprenticeship Success Story: Nick Stoddard

— Created in Apprenticeships, Fitness Blog, on 15 Aug 2018

We caught up with Nick about his fitness apprenticeship at Parkwood Leisure

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Secrets to success as a beauty therapist

— Created on 26 Jul 2018

Ever wondered what it takes to be a great beauty therapist? We spoke to experts at a range of beauty academies to find out...

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Can personal trainers give nutrition advice?

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 26 Jul 2018

As a personal trainer, you want to do whatever you can to support your clients in meeting their health and fitness goals.

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A step-by-step guide to launching a YouTube channel for your beauty therapist business

— Created on 13 Jul 2018

Setting up a YouTube channel as a beauty therapist might sound a little daunting at first, but it's more more achievable than you might think. Plus, the benefits of creating video content for your salon are well worth the effort - you're likely to see a spike in new client numbers, as many people decide which salon they'd like to try next based on online content and popularity on social platforms.

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Specialist or jack-of-all-trades: what kind of PT should you be?

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 13 Jul 2018

With so many potential areas of expertise in the fitness industry, is it better to have a couple of specialised personal trainer qualifications or be broadly skilled across the board?

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Here's how personal training can help to combat chronic pain

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 6 Jul 2018

While many of us rarely think about our posture, issues in this area can result in serious, ongoing issues if left untreated. But personal trainers are here to help.

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Seven top skin secrets from beauty therapists

— Created on 6 Jul 2018

Ever wondered what products the beauty pros use and which daily skin routines they stick to religiously? We've spoken to the experts to find out their skincare secrets...

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How to take your fitness career to the next level

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 20 Jun 2018

You've completed your training as a personal trainer - congratulations! So what's next for you, as you take the next steps in your fitness career?

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