Which is the Best Personal Training Course?

According to ukactive, the UK fitness industry is now worth over £5 billion for the first time in history. With no signs of slowing down, it is a fantastic time to start a career in the industry, with a variety of employment opportunities available once qualified.

With a lot of choice out there, how can you be so sure in which personal training course is the right one for you?

This article will help you discover what course can work best for you by discussing:

The different Personal Training courses available for learners

The key differences between different PT courses

Which courses are best for specific users depending on your experience

What you should look for in a course

How to choose a personal training course

Today, there is an array of course providers all claiming to give you the best service and get you qualified in the quickest time – meaning choosing the right provider and course sometimes isn’t easy. Therefore, when deciding how to choose a personal training course, you will need to gain an understanding on which factors suit your lifestyle most effectively.

Fitness experience:

Based on your level of fitness experience, as well as your educational experience ,the chosen way in which you learnand develop may differ compared to others. If you have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to assign dedicated time to tasks, you are naturally more aligned to consider courses that provide both online and attendance-based classes. Having attendance-based elements to the learning process can be a key method of ensuring you as an individual stay on track and hit the necessary requirements needed to qualify.


In order to get the most out of your course and set yourself up effectively for the future, you must be prepared to commit your time and efforts to the cause. Time management is fundamental, and it is most definitely possible to work, have a family and get qualified at the same time. It is just a case of being organised and finding a provider that can support you throughout your journey. For some this can be done full time where the course can be completed in a matter of weeks. Alternatively, others may be working on the courses outside their main job. That is why Lifetime has a variety of courses and learning options available for different lifestyles.

What funding options are available?

Personal Training course costs can vary quite a bit dependent on provider, the course at hand and the delivery method. On average, the cost to become a personal trainer in the UK is around £1,500 dependent on certain factors. If you are aged 19 or over, you may be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan to provide some beneficial financial support to allow you to get qualified and earning before repaying. The loan will cover all funds of the course, which is only paid back after you are earning over £25,725 a year.

Lifetime Training also offer Flexible instalment plans which enable a 0% in-house finance option to be considered that allows you to pay instalments for any courses that costs over £500. For more information on finance options and support, see here.

At Lifetime Training, we have spent over two decades providing training expertise to the fitness industry and every year thousands of learners qualify with us across a wide range of fitness specialisms. Look below at some of the courses we have to offer.

The level 2 PT course is perfect for those taking their first steps into the fitness industry. With a mix of classroom and online study, this 3-4-month level 2 PT qualification requires no previous experience and our expert trainers are always on hand to offer their support.

Learn more about our level 2 PT course here

After qualifying through our Level 2 course, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a level 3 REPs recognised Personal Trainer through flexible training with expert tutors. With our Level 3 personal trainer courses, we can guarantee personal trainer interviews with our industry partners and career support.

Learn more about our level 3 PT course here.

The Personal Training Diploma is a level 3 qualification which will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a fully qualified REPs approved Personal Trainer. Supported all the way by our mentors and expert tutors, learners will be able to work as a PT within a gym setting after completing the 12-month course. Lifetime also offers current instructors the chance to be flexible and learn at their own pace via its Part Time Diploma course.

Learn more about our Personal Training Diploma’s here.

Lifetime’s Advanced Personal Training Diploma offers you the chance to broaden your offering, attract a wider customer base and enhance your professional development. This 12-18-month course can be completed quicker based on your lifestyle.

Learn more about our Advanced Personal Training Diploma’s here.

Through our eLearning platform My-Lifetime, our online personal training course has been designed to be flexible and to fit in with your lifestyle which can be completed in just under 12 months. Unique and ideal for anyone with a fitness background, this online personal training course is perfect for those who want to achieve their personal trainer qualification online at a pace and time that suits their lifestyle. Online support will be provided where you can access assessment workbooks and can ask expert tutors questions as well as interact with other learners.

Learn more about our Online Personal Training courses here.

LES MILLS courses are fresh, up to date and in line with the latest research, you will create group exercise experiences while also taking your fitness training to the next level. By signing up to a les mills instructor course, you will have the opportunity to also create real job prospects at the end of the training

Learn more about our LES MILLS courses here.

Completing one or more of our CPD fitness courses will provide you with excellent training and are designed to enhance your portfolio of skills and further your career. All CPD courses are REPs recognised and will count towards your CPD points. Our continuing professional development courses are supported through our unique My-Lifetime online learning platform.

Learn more about our CPD courses here.

The latest choreography and training techniques to enable you to teach fun and exciting group exercise classes to all ability levels. With no previous experience or study required, this exercise to music instructor course will provide you with all the practical skills and confidence you need to plan and teach group exercise classes.

Learn more about our Exercise to Music Instructor Certificate here.

About Lifetime’s fitness courses

Lifetime Training work in tandem with leading gym franchises in the UK including David Lloyd, Les Mills, The Gym, and Fitness First. Lifetime Training’s courses are tailored to make you as an individual employable and dependent on your specialism, have direct routes to employment with these leading franchises.

Next steps for starting a course with Lifetime Training. Call 0203 142 9086 to reach one of our advisors, explain your situation and our team will discuss with you the most suitable and effective course for your needs. From this point onwards you will be given a learner mentor, that will be assigned to support you on your journey and help you to complete the requirements involved.

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