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This course is a blend of online and classroom study, designed to fit around your lifestyle and commitments. The course is design in 4 phases which are outlined below.


You'll start your learning with us instantly with our phase 1 learning programme. We will send this through as soon as you register and you'll soon find yourself immersed in all things strength, power, movement, and coaching. You'll be learning from our world class coaches and tutors who are all in the trenches practising what they preach. You'll finish this phase inspired and ready for phase 2!


Get ready for one of the most impactful, inspiring experiences of your life with our practical coaching immersion clinic. We call it an immersion clinic for a reason...we literally teach and coach you in all aspects of advanced strength and conditioning intensively. We cover everything from olympic weightlifting, speed and plyometric training, mobility and stability training, power, periodisation and much more.

Many of our students report that this immersion experience is truly transformational and leaves them thinking totally differently.... as a coach rather than a trainer. At the end of these empowering days you'll be massively inspired, ready to get coaching and delivering the new content you've learnt, and with a bunch of new colleagues to bounce ideas off. You'll also be ready for a couple of days recovery too!


This is where things really start to come together for you. Firstly, we give you everything you need to practise and improve your own competence on the olympic lifts, speed and agility and your coaching in general. You'll have a programme to follow meaning you literally cannot go wrong at any point.


The final step for you to become a qualified SCE Level 4 coach is to take your final practical olympic weightlifting, speed and movement assessment. Through the support you'll receive in phase 3 you'll be more than prepared for this and we expect you to pass with flying colours.

Then it's on to truly realising your goals. Whether it's working with athletes, building your client base or getting that gym you've always wanted opened, the choice is yours and you'll be absolutely prepared for it.

You'll also be ready to graduate onto one of our higher level programmes and perhaps even become a master coach.

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