An employer’s guide to apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours people need to thrive in their chosen career.

Lifetime is a national training provider that delivers award-winning apprenticeship training all across the UK. For over 25 years we’ve helped define, develop and deliver successful apprenticeships for leading employers in diverse industries.

How do apprenticeship schemes work for employers?

Lifetime apprenticeships programmes are designed to enhance every part of your business, from entry-level through to senior management, as well as profession-specific roles. Discover our programmes here.

Programmes last a minimum of 12 months, are open to anyone aged 16 and over, and work as well developing your existing people as they do at attracting your next generation of talent.

Developed in collaboration with employer-led groups, every programme is built to make businesses and people thrive. There’s a huge range of apprenticeships for every job role and industry, with funding options available to employers of all sizes.

What's the apprenticeship levy?

Find out about the Apprenticeship Levy and how the apprenticeship scheme for employers works.

Your questions answered

For information on apprenticeship funding rules and more guidance on apprenticeships, our frequently asked questions have the answers.

What are the benefits of apprenticeships for employers?

Shaping the future of business starts with transforming the people who will get you there.

Apprenticeships are key to unlocking workforce potential. Using an apprenticeship fund or government support, high-quality, fit-for-purpose training helps businesses attract, train and retain the very best talent.

Structured delivery. Focussed results.

Apprenticeship programmes are structured between online knowledge learning, on-the-job development, and off-the-job experience. It’s how apprentices develop and apply their skills right from the get-go.

No matter whether you’re using apprenticeships for existing staff or to hire new talent, the programmes empower and upskill the people who are the driving force behind long-term growth and lasting competitive advantage.

Our partners

Retention improvements are a huge benefit. In four of our Pubcos partners the average apprenticeship turnover is 39%, however their average team turnover is 84%.

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Apprentices help to reduce team turnovers, increase employee engagement and provide us with the opportunity to grow our own talent by investing in our people and supporting their ambitions.

Graham Briggs, Greene King, Head of Apprenticeships and Employability programmes.