What we do as your apprenticeship provider

Lifetime is the leading apprenticeship training provider, committed to a democracy of opportunity that creates a competitive skills advantage and accelerates business growth.

First-class apprentice skills that transform business

As the UK’s largest apprenticeship training provider, we’ve helped the UK’s workforce and businesses thrive for over 25 years. With the world of work evolving fast, skills training is in sharper focus than ever. We strive to continue leading the way.

How we do it

The UK’s biggest employers choose Lifetime for our combination of multi-sector capability, insight and expertise. From Hospitality to Health and Social Care, our programmes consistently deliver innovative learning strategies, industry-specific trainers, curriculum experts and leading-edge technology. Together, they transform workplaces, every day. Discover our programmes here.

Setting up an apprenticeship programme with Lifetime

Successful skills training programmes are built on robust partnerships. So whether you’re setting up an apprenticeship scheme for the first time or exploring new opportunities, you have a dedicated Lifetime team, so every step is straightforward.

Seamless, end-to-end service

We work with you to understand everything: your business, its culture, and where you want to go. That way, we can shape a robust strategy, manage the launch, and support you as the programme evolves. All 100% tailored to your business.

What about the Apprenticeship Levy?

By transforming the Apprenticeship Levy from an overhead into a hard-working part of your long-term growth strategy, your people become the driving force behind your competitive advantage. They thrive, you thrive.

Why choose Lifetime’s apprenticeship training?

Our approach

As the leading apprenticeship training provider in the UK, we help you shape, deliver and manage your apprenticeship programme.

Our experience

Lifetime programmes are built on trusted, long-standing partnerships with some of the UK’s biggest brands and employers.


Collaboration, trust and a shared vision are the foundation of every Lifetime programme.

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Our businesses are better because our apprentices are bringing new ideas and great ways of working into their workplace! We couldn’t do it without our great partnership with Lifetime provide the expertise to train our apprentices to be the best they can be.

Jo Bradford Marston’s Group Apprenticeship Manager.