How are apprenticeships delivered?

Apprenticeships are delivered through a mixture of regular workplace training, online or classroom workshops, and online resources for self-study. Delivery methods will make sure off-the-job training requirements are met and that the learner is fully supported throughout their programme.

Apprenticeship delivery may include:

  • Face-to-face and virtual visits by the Learning Coach
  • Practical on-the-job learning and observations
  • Off-the-job training sessions
  • Skills days and workshops
  • Classroom sessions and masterclasses
  • Virtual workshops and webinars
  • Online resources for self-study
  • Rolling apprenticeship starts and cohort delivery

Lifetime’s apprenticeship delivery

Lifetime’s delivery is tailored to meet the individual learning style of the apprentice and the requirements of the programme and employer. By blending delivery styles, the apprentice has the support and resources needed to achieve their apprenticeship.

Here are the most important aspects of Lifetime’s apprenticeship delivery:

Face-to-face training

Apprentices will be visited by a Learning Coach in the workplace every four to eight weeks. These sessions include practical learning, observations, and activities catered to the programme. Learners will complete self-study activities between visits.

Digital self-study

Lifetime’s online learning platform can be accessed from all devices and contains a huge library of resources and learning plans for each apprenticeship. It is designed to enhance face-to-face visits and enable self-study.

Apprentices also have access to digital ‘life skills’ resources for learner development beyond the programme

The platform allows apprentices to track progress and learning schedule and is the portal for uploading work and evidence.

Support teams

The Learner Support Team supports learners with additional learning or social needs, and the Learner Retention Team keeps learners engaged and informed throughout the programme.

Cohort delivery

For certain programmes Lifetime offer a cohort group delivery training option, with group workshops, webinars, and interactive activities. Cohort workshop days for larger employers are an effective way of achieving 20% off-the-job training.

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