Why you should start your Own Fitness Blog

When you’re getting into fitness, one of the greatest tools that you have in 2017 is the internet and the huge variety of fitness blogs available today.

From food-focused bloggers to highly technical, form based blogs, there’s a wide world of fitness writers out there all offering tips, advice and help to those on every rung on the fitness ladder.

Whilst we recommend everyone interested in fitness has a healthy collection of fitness blogs they draw inspiration from, we also recommend that you maintain your very own fitness blog, especially if you are thinking of becoming a personal trainer. Why do we recommend that? Here’s three huge reasons.

  • It keeps you motivated

    It’s no secret that a lack of motivation is what most commonly stops us from going to the gym, and though it’s true that there’s no easy route towards motivation, maintaining a blog can be extremely helpful in that regard.

    Your blog doesn’t have to be beautiful or insightful, it can merely track what you’ve done, how well you’ve done it and what you need to change. The journey you take might not seem remarkable, but for other people it’s a light out in the darkness, illuminating a path.

    By chronicling your journey, you can see just how far you’ve come and how long it’s taken you to get here. It’s amazing how quickly we forget the work that we’ve put in, and a reminder of that can help anyone.
  • It puts you in contact with other fitness people

    Writing a blog might seem like a solitary act, but you’d be amazed just how tight knit the fitness blogging community is. As you write, you’ll find that more and more, you’re in communication with other bloggers who give tips, advice and support along the way.

    In the same way that regular visits to the gym result in firm friendships, so does fitness blogging and before long, you’ll find that you’re immersed in one of the most vibrant and exciting communities anywhere online.
  • It helps advance your own training

    So much of our training can become automatic with the passage of time, which is why the pressures of producing a blog can be fantastic for your own training.

    By raising your awareness levels of what you’re doing on a weekly basis, writing a blog encourages you to try new exercises and push your training into new areas. That’s of immense importance if you’re serious about your fitness, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Setting up a basic blog couldn’t be easier. Platforms like Wordpress and Blogger offer free and entirely customisable blogs where you can publish content to your heart’s content, and if you get more serious, you can buy a custom domain name and break out onto your own.

Remember though, the success of your blog isn’t measured in page views, it’s measured in how it helps you to advance your own training. Good luck, and happy blogging!

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