What is the apprenticeship levy transfer scheme?

A levy transfer is where one levy paying employer agrees to transfer a proportion of their levy funds to another employer for them to use in full to train an apprentice.

Transferring apprenticeship levy funds
How much can be transferred?

Levy-paying Sending Employers can transfer a maximum amount of 25% of their annual funds. They can make transfers to as many Receiving Employers as they choose.

The apprenticeship service calculates this amount by:

The total amount of levy declared in the previous tax year

With the English percentage applied

Plus, the payment of 10% from the government

Who can the transferred money go to?

A member of a company’s supply chain

A local business

A charity that is connected to a company

Apprenticeship levy transfer process

What will I need in place to take part?

To take part in the scheme you will need to have a Digital Apprenticeship Account set up. As a Receiving Employer you need to be in a positive position to enrol existing or new team members onto programme. As a Sending Employer you need to have enough funds to support a Receiving Employer train an apprentice or apprentices for the whole duration of their programme.

Key things to know

A Receiving Employer can never become a Sending Employer.

Transfers can only be used for new starts and not for current apprentices.

Receiving Employers who do not pay the levy can only add apprentices to their Digital Account that are being funded through a levy transfer.

The Sending Employer has final agreement of the apprenticeships they agree to fund.

Transfer funds can only be used for training and assessment on apprenticeship standards.

How to become a Receiving Employer

Lifetime have set up The Upskill Community to support smaller businesses connect to our Sending Employer Network and enable the transfer of funds from a levy paying employer.

You can register with Lifetime Training, and we will support you in creating a connection and setting up a Digital Apprenticeship Account

How to become a Sending Employer

To become a Sending Employer, you need to decide how much of your levy fund you wish to pledge (this cannot exceed 25% of your funds). You may also want to decide on a specific Apprenticeship Standard or sector you wish to support. You can connect to Receiving Employers once they have set up a Digital Apprenticeship Account.

Why transfer levy funds?

Reasons to become a Sending Employer might be to:

Support social mobility in a certain location

Commit to supporting economic recovery

Provide wider opportunities for businesses and job seeker by removing barriers to entry

Specifically target SME businesses to support

Develop a closer relationship with businesses in your supply chain


Lifetime can support you in connected with a smaller employer through our registered network of Receiving Employers.

To find out more about our apprenticeship services and how we can help you get the most out of your levy get in touch with us today.

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